Wall Hung Splits

We offer several wall hung split system solution packages, depending what your requirements are and the area/area's your looking heat and cool. 

Wall Hung Split System air conditioners are a simple and affordable way to air condition single rooms or smaller open spaces.

Wall hung split system air conditioner's are low cost to both buy and install.


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You can air condition small open spaces or one room at a time to suit your need and budget.

As each split system air conditioner is a completely separate unit you can set each room at a different temperature, to suit your needs.


A split system air conditioning system consists of the following components:


  • Outdoor unit – is located outside the home and can be installed on a concrete pad or mounted on an external wall or on the roof. Keep in mind that when you are running the air conditioning system on cooling mode that warm air will blow from the outdoor unit. An important consideration when choosing the right location. one of our technician's can advise you on the best location.

  • Indoor unit – this unit is designed to be mounted high on an internal  wall and consists of a variable speed fan and refrigeration coil.

  • Remote control – a wireless remote control is used to operate the system. Easy operation with large LCD panel gives you control to change temperature, fan speed and vane direction.