Refrigerated Ducted Air Conditioning

The ultimate form of air conditioning, a ducted refrigerated system gives you a choice of comfort level all year round. From cooling to heating. Suitable for most homes or dwellings.


A refrigerated air conditioner removes hot air, sends it outside and returns air that has been cooled using refrigerants throughout the premises by means of various ducts or wall mounted units. 



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Advantages of using ducted refrigerated air conditioning:


  • Work well in humid conditions.

  • For every unit of electricity they use, they can provide from 1.5 to over 3 units of cooling, making them very efficient.

  • Better for allergies than evaporative units.

  • If it is a reverse cycle unit, it can also work as a heater.

  • Some refrigerated air conditioners run on a variable speed motor (an inverter). These inverter models are more efficient than standard (single speed) refrigerated air conditioners.


Our team can help you choose the best system for your needs, and design the most effective cooling/heating air conditioning system for your home. We have a huge range of brands to choose from and different price ranges.


Ducted and split system air conditioners will have either a single speed motor or a variable speed motor. The component that allows a motor to be variable speed is called an inverter.


A standard air conditioner with a single speed motor has to switch itself on and off to maintain room temperature. An air conditioner with an inverter can increase and decrease motor speed (and power) to maintain room temperature.


An inverter unit spends much of its time working at part load (i.e. not full power) – this technology saves energy, reduces wear on parts and avoids sharp fluctuations in electricity use.


  • Like the split system ducted air conditioning has two components with the compressor/condenser unit installed outside the house. The indoor unit however is located in the ceiling space and the air is distributed through vents around the house.

  • Ducted air conditioning can be installed in any home with sufficient ceiling or floor space.

  • This type of system is much less visible than a split system, but you cannot set different temperatures in different areas. You can, however, turn on air to one part of your home but not another by creating zones (such as bedrooms or living room).

  • Suitable for: Whole house cooling.


We also supply and install, service and repair all makes and models of ducted refrigerated air-conditioning.